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Weight Loss

Weight Loss in Glendale & Santa Barbara

Diets, pills, surgeries, fasts, wraps and medications -- these are all methods that have been used extensively in the weight loss industry to assist with what has become a modern epidemic of overeating and obesity in the United States. The bigger these problems become, the more of a need there is for better solutions than the ones now being used that sometimes cause even more problems such as addiction, mood swings, scarring and long recovery periods. Acupuncture, as an all-natural, non-invasive and drug-free modality, can bring about weight loss success in a way that enhances and promotes a healthy lifestyle, rather than detracts from it. Visit us for weight loss and Acupuncture Glendale or Santa Barbara.

Oriental Medicine At Your Local Acupuncture Center

Oriental medicine has, from ancient times, provided a solid blueprint for healthy living, wellness, and self-care. There is a multitude of benefits to embracing this non-Western approach to healing and nutrition, not the least of which is avoidance of drugs that may provide temporary relief from pain or illness but that often have harmful or uncomfortable side effects.

Acupuncture, combined with Oriental Medicine, provides a safe alternative to surgery or drug therapies. With weight loss, in particular, the ongoing use of those holistic modalities helps to increase metabolism, strengthen the digestive system and allows your body to become its own fat-burning machine! The best part, of course, is that this is all done without drugs or any of the resulting side effects.

Custom Herbal Medicine

Besides weight loss issues, there are so many health and dietary problems that plague Americans. So much of the food consumption in this country revolves around foods that ultimately result in bloating, constipation, diarrhea and other digestive disorders. Oriental medicine can do much to turn all of that around.

As with any health treatment, before an effective solution can be recommended, a thoroughly accurate assessment of the problem should be conducted. This is where alternative health practitioners such as acupuncturists excel. They are experts at uncovering physical, emotional and mental triggers that cause the body to experience stress which throws it out of balance. Imbalances may cause blockages in the flow or the body’s life energy, or Qi, as it is referred to in Chinese medicine. An acupuncturist uses his specialized skills and expertise to customize a solution that helps to bring the body back into its proper, healthy alignment.

Santa Barbara & Glendale Weight Loss - New Patient Special!

At Evergreen Wellness Center, we proudly serve Los Angeles, the Valleys, and surrounding neighborhoods as well as Santa Barbara. We are committed to providing the best in holistic health care services to the communities in which we live and work. If you’re looking for Santa Barbara or Glendale weight loss treatment options or other types of complementary health and wellness services in the area, don’t hesitate to give us a call.

To help make your visit especially worthwhile, we are pleased to offer a Free Consultation for new patients! Call today to schedule your appointment.

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